Thursday, September 20, 2007


During a cold winter night in the small village of Salem a group of young puritan girls between the ages of nine and twenty gather around a container filled with water. Tituba, a slave owned by the Parris’, cracked an egg open and poured it into the water. The girls peered in to see what their future foretold. The image appeared to be of a coffin. The youngest girl Betty (age nine) begun to cry (Bartel 78-81). Within a year 150 people are accused of witchcraft, 19 of the accused are hung, one is crushed to death, and many die in prison awaiting their trial. The tragedies of their deaths are the Salem Witch Trials (Boraas).
There are many theories about how the Salem Witch Trials begun. Some include the combination of church and state, a division between churches, and even the dispute between men and women. The most logical one appears to be that emotional upset of the children in Salem and the insecurities among the villagers.
In the 1600’s Satan was believed to cause many problems. He was associated with disease, horrific events and anything else that classified as bizarre or unable to explain. The puritan life style was strict compared to many other religions. They had to appear in church every Sunday regardless of health. Many laws based on their religion, which is why so many believe that church and state played a large role in the trials (Boraas).
The children of Salem grew up believing that witches, dragons, and other mythical creatures were real. With the world telling them that these things were real, it could be easy to live in fear. To put this in a present day situation it would be the same as telling a child that the monster under their bed is real. The child would probably respond in the same since that Betty did. At first, Betty would cry for no reason. During the end of winter, she would not move then when she was touched she would throw herself around and scream. This caused her to gain attention from others. Soon her cousin Abigail Williams (age eleven) was acting in the same ways. It is probable that Betty’s illness was Abigail’s fault. Abigail could of easily of pressured Betty to remain silent about Tituba and her style of watching the young girls (Bartel).
In January of 1692, the Parris household called for the doctor. After analyzing the two girls, he concluded that witchcraft was the reason that the girls acted so bizarre. Soon a group of girls (most of the girls’ parents died in Indian wars a few years before) started to act the same way that Abigail and Betty were acting. The final number of afflicted girls was eleven. The villagers demanded to know who was tormenting them. Tituba was the first name given. In order for her to save herself, she named off other people in the village. It was easy to believe that the accused were witches, they were lower class, not sociable, and had speech problems. When the accused were in trial, the girls would act strangely and claimed that the spirits of the accused were attacking them. Villagers started believing what the girls were saying. Towards the end of the trials, many people said the girls were lying. During Rebecca Nurse’s trial, she voted innocent but the girls started to act bizarre. One man who was watching the trial claimed that one of the girls was sticking needles in her knee. That did not stop the judges from changing their minds to guilty though (Boraas). There was no way to prove that the girls were lying. They seemed to feed upon the fear of the town’s people.
By fall, what the girls had said affected almost every family. After Governor Phipps’ wife was accused, he ended the trials. After eighteen years after the trials, the government had paid 24 families for their troubles. This also was the last time that spectral evidence was aloud in court (Boraas).
The Salem Witch Trials started out as a child’s fear, but ended as a group of girls hopes of attention. With the adults help the girls got the attention that they desired, though it cost many lives. The explanation of why the events happened may still be unknown, but there is a high probably that the reason they accrued were due to the emotional upset of the children in Salem and the insecurities among the villagers.

Friday, March 16, 2007

to do

When you feel like eating clean something gross ie the toilet

Clean your room

Put nail polish on

Put lipstick on (ever tried eating with lipstick?)

Make a book with pictures of models and celebs, that you wish you looked liked. Everytime you're about to binge, look at your Thinsperation book.

Go to pro-ana sites

Learn HTML and make your own site

Drink lots of water

Feed your dog your food

Give yourself a makeover to distract yourself

Call a friend

Study yourself in the mirror

Take a picture of yourself naked and look at it when ever you feel like eating

Watch fat people eat - it will turn you off

Listen to the gross sound of other people eating

Get a job during meal times, to keep your mind off food

Sleep during meal times

No thanks I'm vegan

Fake sick

You will eat more on a darker plate than a lighter plate. Use smaller utensils plates in order to decrease food intake.

If forced to go to a restraunt order something you know you don't like

Brush your teeth often

Chew some food and then spit it out so that you have some flavour in your mouth

Buy thin clothes that are way to small for you, everytime you want to eat put them on

Be vain, we are "too good" to eat that food

And way too good for cheap fast food

Put a picture of your goal body in your wallet, everytime you want to buy some food you will see it

Put all the money you would spend on food in a jar. When it's full go and buy something nice

Go for a walk outside

Garden or water house plants

Email an ana buddy


Get out an excercise or aerobic DVD

Drink Diet Soda

Try some Yoga

Put on a mud mask

Start a diary

Do some dancing

Have a shower or bath

Give yourself a pedicure

Rearrange your furniture

Buy some food and show it off to your family and friends, then feed it to your dog or the home less

Get on the scale

Do crunches

Chew on gum

Suck on some hard candy

Organize your CDs in alphebetical order

Go to a friend's place (but not for dinner)

Suck ice cubes

Hava some mints

Smokes are bad for you, but food is worse

Have a hairband around your wrist, everytime you feel like eating pull it. Food = Pain

Ask yourself before you eat "Do I really need this?"

When you feel like eating pinch your fat rolls

Don't eat be sophisticated

Smell your food to weight loss

Keep a food diary, everytime you are tempted to binge remember that you will have to write it in your diary later

Thats what friends are for :)

Last night i broke up with ryan... yeah he didn't take it to well.... he said i was his world..... bullshit.... he said that we could of talked it out..... but he told me to cut..... not good. i don't know if i can be with him.... i mean i have Justin and Steph.... they care. or at least apper to.

I broke his heart. he said that i was the reason that he was coming back. but i am not a good reason. i don't even feel anymore. i walk around numb. this damn numb feeling. like i don't know what my emotions are. Damn feeling....damn parents... damn past.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Kids say the darnest things.....

So when i was with Ryan it was pure lust.... so I broke it off..... today at lunch i get this text.....

FROM: Ryan Gaulding
I don't understand but understand why i say this you inbred whore, go fuck a rusty pipe and cut yourself till you bleed dry because you can't say no one cared.

why in the hell does he think that its OK to send these things....... silly little boys.......... so i guess that he was mature about it all........

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I don't know if that will work but if it does....... Hamsters rock.

I do agree that inmates because animals........

you spin me round.....

RYAN!!!!! god I feel like screaming but i know that no one can hear, well the person that i want to listen wont. I understand that the military is involded and yes I damaged military protety..... but a hickey isn't something that they should be concerned them. There are so many other things in the world going wrong....... wahoo off topic. back to the topic. Ryan. I can't even expel the words out of my mouth. You know it's bad. Hell I know it's bad! The thing is I like him but he's insane! He said that when I was in his arms that he wanted to choke me...... yeah that's a little weird.... but thats not all. He constantly gets mad at the world if i say anything wrong. a person shouldn't be affried to speak words that need to be heard. Our relationship is like a country under war. He is like the A. Hilter and i am left as towns persons who can't live in a country that is underway of dying...... our love is dying. wait.... Love? ha all he has for me is lust and i give into his little whimper and then it morphs into a thing; Pure Lust. no affection. jjust plain and simple lust. I know i need to get out. Damn it I want to get out. Rope please?

Friday, March 2, 2007

Kathleen Green
Mrs. Kelly
College Notetaking
2 March 2007
College research Project
There are so many reasons to go to college; getting a better job. My reasons however are for sense of personal achievement. I once was taught in one of my classes that in order to gain more freedom you must gain more knowledge. After secondary schooling many forget a majority of the things we learn, I, however, do not want that to happen. Many say that college is a waste of money but can you really say education is worthless? I do believe that education is something that is needed to better understand our world.
The college I choose was University of Central Missouri for many reasons. One of the main reasons that I choose this college is because of its location. The college is about 35miles away from Lee’s Summit. It is not far enough to where I would need to take a train to get home but it is far enough to were I know my parents wouldn’t check up on me without me knowing. It is also close enough to where I could walk to the main street. Another reason that I choose this school was because they have trap houses. Trap is one way that I release my anger. It is rare to find a college that has trap. Plus this would give me a job because the houses need to be stocked after every round.
This college is located in Warrensburg, MO (about 35 minutes from Lee’s Summit). They offer associate, bachelor, and master degrees. The only requirements to get into this college is you must have all the needed credits; English four credits, Math three credits, social studies three credits, and science two credits. There are about eight thousand students. The Majority is female.