Friday, March 2, 2007

Kathleen Green
Mrs. Kelly
College Notetaking
2 March 2007
College research Project
There are so many reasons to go to college; getting a better job. My reasons however are for sense of personal achievement. I once was taught in one of my classes that in order to gain more freedom you must gain more knowledge. After secondary schooling many forget a majority of the things we learn, I, however, do not want that to happen. Many say that college is a waste of money but can you really say education is worthless? I do believe that education is something that is needed to better understand our world.
The college I choose was University of Central Missouri for many reasons. One of the main reasons that I choose this college is because of its location. The college is about 35miles away from Lee’s Summit. It is not far enough to where I would need to take a train to get home but it is far enough to were I know my parents wouldn’t check up on me without me knowing. It is also close enough to where I could walk to the main street. Another reason that I choose this school was because they have trap houses. Trap is one way that I release my anger. It is rare to find a college that has trap. Plus this would give me a job because the houses need to be stocked after every round.
This college is located in Warrensburg, MO (about 35 minutes from Lee’s Summit). They offer associate, bachelor, and master degrees. The only requirements to get into this college is you must have all the needed credits; English four credits, Math three credits, social studies three credits, and science two credits. There are about eight thousand students. The Majority is female.

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