Friday, March 16, 2007

to do

When you feel like eating clean something gross ie the toilet

Clean your room

Put nail polish on

Put lipstick on (ever tried eating with lipstick?)

Make a book with pictures of models and celebs, that you wish you looked liked. Everytime you're about to binge, look at your Thinsperation book.

Go to pro-ana sites

Learn HTML and make your own site

Drink lots of water

Feed your dog your food

Give yourself a makeover to distract yourself

Call a friend

Study yourself in the mirror

Take a picture of yourself naked and look at it when ever you feel like eating

Watch fat people eat - it will turn you off

Listen to the gross sound of other people eating

Get a job during meal times, to keep your mind off food

Sleep during meal times

No thanks I'm vegan

Fake sick

You will eat more on a darker plate than a lighter plate. Use smaller utensils plates in order to decrease food intake.

If forced to go to a restraunt order something you know you don't like

Brush your teeth often

Chew some food and then spit it out so that you have some flavour in your mouth

Buy thin clothes that are way to small for you, everytime you want to eat put them on

Be vain, we are "too good" to eat that food

And way too good for cheap fast food

Put a picture of your goal body in your wallet, everytime you want to buy some food you will see it

Put all the money you would spend on food in a jar. When it's full go and buy something nice

Go for a walk outside

Garden or water house plants

Email an ana buddy


Get out an excercise or aerobic DVD

Drink Diet Soda

Try some Yoga

Put on a mud mask

Start a diary

Do some dancing

Have a shower or bath

Give yourself a pedicure

Rearrange your furniture

Buy some food and show it off to your family and friends, then feed it to your dog or the home less

Get on the scale

Do crunches

Chew on gum

Suck on some hard candy

Organize your CDs in alphebetical order

Go to a friend's place (but not for dinner)

Suck ice cubes

Hava some mints

Smokes are bad for you, but food is worse

Have a hairband around your wrist, everytime you feel like eating pull it. Food = Pain

Ask yourself before you eat "Do I really need this?"

When you feel like eating pinch your fat rolls

Don't eat be sophisticated

Smell your food to weight loss

Keep a food diary, everytime you are tempted to binge remember that you will have to write it in your diary later

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